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This interesting word comes the French language meaning literaly, rotten pot. In English it has multiple uses but basically is a collection of unrelated things. That is what this web page is, also. Sort of like the file drawer I used to have labeled "For Lack of a Better Place".

Games we like to play

  • Word games
    • BananaGrams
    • Quiddler
    • Upwords - We have several new rules that make the game more fun as we play almost daily.
      • No limit to stack height.
      • First word can go anywhere on the board.
      • An existing word may be completely covered by a new word.
      • A word list and dictionary may be used any time (this is a learning experience).
      • A good word (5 tiles or longer) may be played anywhere on the board it fits without having to connect to existing words. It may be connected later.
      • Choose a theme for a game. Words that obviously fit the theme get a bonus. You choose how many points.
      • Don't keep score. It changes the way we play. It's all for fun and brain exercise.
  • Dice and board games
    • Chase
    • Parcheesi
    • Yahtzee
      • Try this: Shake 6 dice each turn, choose any 5 for your play.
  • Card games
    • Cribbage
    • Phase 10
      • We felt the original phases were too easy so we invented some new ones.
      • We also got tired of playing the phases in 1-10 order so we played 10-1, the even phases then odd phases, odd phases then even phases. We have found a more interesting way. Make a list of the numbers 1-10 for each player. Decide what phase you want to play based on the cards you have been dealt. Change your phase as you wish. The phase is not announced until you lay down your cards. It adds an element of mystery to the game. The phase completed is marked off at the end of the phase. Whom ever gets the 10 phases done first is the winner.
      • Here they are.
        Our original version and an updated version which got a renumbering and a new phase, number 8.
    • Uno

Interesting places to visit

  • International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, WI
  • Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN
  • American-Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN
  • Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MN
  • Colfax Railroad Museum, Colfax, WI.
    The have some beautiful railroad china as well as a nice collection of railroad equipment.
  • Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Olson's Ice Cream Shop, Chippewa Falls, WI.
    In operation since 1923, so they must be good.
  • Union Pacific Bailey Yard - Golden Spike observation tower, North Platte, NE
  • Door County, WI
  • Any place that sells REAL Wisconsin Cheese
    Fresh cheese curds and well aged cheddar are my favorites.

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